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Gamal Almolky is one of the most prominent coaching experts in the Arab world. He has been leading the training of trainers at the Al Jazeera Media Institute since 2013, where he has worked on qualifying a large number of specialists in various fields, training them on how to pass on their skills and transfer their inspiring experiences to others. He has graduated hundreds of trainers, including some stars of the Al Jazeera Media Network, and professional trainers from different institutions. In addition to his work in the field of training, Almolky is one of the most prominent specialists in the art of investigative journalism. He is involved in the preparation and presentation of the program "The Detective," an investigative program aired on Al Jazeera.


Thank you for the correction. Here's the revised text: 1. Gamal Almolky has accumulated rich experience in designing and building training programs and courses through his work as a trainer and as a writer of training guidance in collaboration with several international organizations. 2. Gamal Almolky offers a number of specialized training courses at the Al Jazeera Media Institute, such as a presentation skills course and a training specialist course for both public and governmental and non-governmental agencies.



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