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Ali Alajmi


Public Relations


Media consultant and member of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). Mr.Ajmi studied media and marketing then specialized in Public Relations campaigns. First, he worked in planning, research and information in the public sector for more than 14 years. Afterwards, he started working in the private sector in the integrated media services. He also participated in the establishment of various media projects in the Gulf countries, and provided marketing and media consultations to a number of Government and private agencies, public benefit organizations and in media sector in general. In addition, he provided many training courses trained in PR and implementation of professional media campaigns methods.


- Member of the International Association of Public Relations. - Trainer in PR, media and marketing: preparation and implementation of professional media campaigns. - TV programs: prepared and presented many social and religious TV shows in a number of private and public channels in the Gulf States. - Director of media projects: managed a number of media projects. - General Manager of media services companies in the private sector. - Consultant in media, marketing and public relations for the benefit of private and Government sectors. - Assistant Director of planning, research and media, Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. - Journalist in a Kuwaiti newspaper ( 4 years). - Member of the Kuwaiti Scientific Center.

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