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Laila Al-shaikhli


TV Presentation


• Born in Baghdad, she grew up in Saudi Arabia and studied in Britain. • She earned her degree from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States of America. • She started her TV career with ANA TV in 1991 • In 1994, joined the BBC Arabic Channel in London. • She became the first Arabic anchorwoman to present a political dialogue program in Arab satellite media from MBC channel, which she joined in 1996 • Among her main media experiences: covered the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon, the US war on Afghanistan, the September 11 events in Washington, and the coverage of many international events. • She interviewed several famous and key figures including President Nelson Mandela, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Iraqi President Talabani and late Lebanese President Rafik Hariri.


1999 Anchor and programs presenter at Abu Dhabi Television. • 2006 Anchor for Al Jazeera. • Her shows include Dialogue with the West (MBC) / Agenda (MBC) / Dunnia (ADTV) and Panorama (ADTV) / Behind the News” (Al Jazeera).

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