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DR.Khaled Elhaddad

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Dr. Khaled El-Haddad is one of the top figures of the administrative and human development in the employment market in the Middle East. He held several positions in this field such as life coach, professional guide and lecturer. He has many activities and programs among youth organizations, Arab public and private universities and business companies.


- He held several positions including: - Human resources development Consultant for the account of major Corporate in the Middle East. - Life coach, Professional work counselor and Lecturer in all fields of human and administrative development. - Trainer for the account of various major Companies’ CEO in the Arab, Western and Asian world. - Teacher of good governance, human resources and organizational behavior in many educational institutions. - Administrative consultant for the account of many business families. - Currently, he is the Director of TREE Human Resources Company (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Jeddah branches).



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