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Zein Elabadin Tawfik Ragab

Al Jazeera Media Network

TV Presentation


Zein is a Principal News and Programs Anchor at Al Jazeera TV Channel, boasting over 30 years of experience as a journalist, writer, radio anchor, and TV presenter. He began his career with Egyptian daily newspapers and international news agencies in Cairo Authority/Corporation in the late 1990s, serving as an editor and news and programs presenter/anchor until 2012. Subsequently, he joined the BBC Arabic TV service in 2010, where he presented news and programs such as "Agenda Maftouha" (An Open Agenda), "Sa’at Hisab", and "Liqa’a". Later, he transitioned to Al Jazeera Mubashir, hosting a talk show program that became Egypt's main program on Al Jazeera Mubashir Misr/Egypt.


- From 1991 to 1999, he served as an Editor for Reuters and German news agencies in Cairo. - Between 1993 and 1999, he was part of the Arabic section of the British Broadcasting Corporation. - Over the course of his professional career, he has conducted field news coverage in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, and Libya. - He is a certified trainer at the training sections of both the BBC and the Al Jazeera Media Institute. - Additionally, he has conducted training courses for journalists and media professionals in numerous Arab countries.

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