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Moneer Al Jaloody

Al Jazeera Media Network

Arabic Language


• Worked in the field of media and newsrooms and websites’ management since 1992 - now. • Supervised the production of the editorial guidebook, which defines the technical, linguistic and editorial standards for working on Al Jazeera.net • He ran a team of journalists and editors of Al Jazeera Net News Room • He managed the Planning and Correspondents Section at Al Jazeera Net • Founded and supervised Al-Jazeera learning Arabic website • He founded and supervised Al Jazeera Blogs website • Founded and supervised Al-Jazeera’s Maydan youth website • He currently manages Al Jazeera documentary website site • Managed the Language Proofreading Department at Al Jazeera Net


• Proofreader and then editor at the Center for Political Studies in Islamabad (1997-1992) • Correspondent for the British Agency APTN (1999-1997) • Director of Editing at Barq News Agency in Islamabad (2000-1999) • Proofreader, editor & director of the Planning and Correspondents in Al Jazeera Net (2008-2000) • News Room Moderator for Al Jazeera Net (2012-2008) • Supervisor/Webmaster - Al Jazeera learning website (2013-2013) • Blogs & Maydan websites Supervisor Al Jazeera (2018-2016) • Supervisor Al-Jazeera’s Editorial Guidebook (2018-2000) • Webmaster Al Jazeera Documentary (2018 - present)

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