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Ali Hassan JM Al-Mosllamani

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- Ali Al-Mosllamani born in Doha. He began his media career in 2003, commenting on Qatar TV. He was then the youngest Arab commentator, where he was only 19 years old at the time. He covered the Asian Cup in China in 2004 as the youngest media player in the tournament as well as covering the Gulf Cup in Doha, crowned by the Qatari team. - He then moved to Al Kass Sports Channels, one of its members since its inception, and commented on many sporting events locally and internationally, in conjunction with his chairmanship of editing the program of our children in cooperation with Aspire Academy of Sports Excellence "Aspire Dome". - Al-Mosllamani also holds an accredited diploma from Al Jazeera Center for Training and Media Development in preparing, presenting and directing radio programs where he worked for six years in "Radio Sawt Al-Khaleej" as a presenter of sports programs and news. - Al-Mosllamani moved to Al Jazeera in 2008 and was the only Qatari in the newsroom where he worked as a journalist and then as an assistant producer before becoming a certified sports news producer starting December 2012. +974 974 + فاکس: 44182322 444849879676666 هاتف:6 www.institute.aljazeera.net : البرید الإلکتروني AJMInstitute Institute@aljazeera.net : الموقع الإلکتروني - Ali has a course in media management and planning, management of newsrooms, human resource management from Cambridge. - He provided several media courses in Qatar News Agency, Qatar University and the Qatar Olympic Academy. - He also held the position of the General Supervisor and member of the jury in the Future Media competition, one of the activities of the Organizing Committee for Qatar National Day.


• A sports commentator on football matches in Qatar TV, and Al-Douri and Al-Kass channels from 2011-2003. • Presenter of sports news and analytical studios at Qatar TV and Al-KASS channel since 2005. • Head of the Sports Section at Sout Al Kaleej Radio and is the Preparer and Presenter of sports and news programs from 2013 – 2003. • Preparer and Presenter of the show Pelenties. • Producer – Edito in Chief of the program "Eyalna" in cooperation with Aspire Academy ( 3 years).

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