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Sami Zeidan

Al Jazeera Media Network

TV Presentation


- Sami Zeidan has years of experience in training, teaching, and practicing journalism. - Sami has trained anchors, reporters, and producers at Al Jazeera, CNBC, and NBC. - Sami has presented, reported, and produced with the biggest names in television including Al Jazeera, CNN, CNBC, and NBC affiliates. - His assignments have taken him from the White House to the UN, and through war zones from Gaza to Syria. - Sami has taught at the 1st School of Journalism in the world, the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA, established in 1908.


- Anchor and reporter at Al Jazeera International, CNN, CNBC.Executive Producer and Producer at CNBC, CNN, NBC affiliates. - Anchor and Producer Trainer at Al Jazeera, CNBC, and NBC affiliates. - Instructor at the Department of TV Journalism, School of the Journalism University of Missouri, Columbia. - Media, Communication and Journalism Trainer for a wide range of VIP individuals, broadcasters, educational institutions, and workshops, ranging from Business figures in London to Broadcasters in Asia to Training Centres in The Middle East. - Courses include, Writing for Television, TV Anchoring, The Art of TV Interviewing, The Ethics of Video Editing and Camera Work, Public Speaking.

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