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Laila smati

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Sports News Presentation


• Holds a Master degree in Media and she is distinguished in the field work. • She has a wide network of relationships with the most prominent sports personalities worldwide. Rich experience in various areas of media such as field work, anchoring, documentary programs and investigation. • She has a great knowledge in most sports (laws – regulations and technical aspects), she has an accurate and wide knowledge in volleyball. • Ability to communicate in more than one language (Arabic, French, English and Italian). In addition, she is characterized by her excellent management of human resources especially at critical times, total positive Leadership. • Extensive experience in training many talents in several specialties of the sports media (sports commenting - field reporter - documentary and programs presentation)


• Algerian Television from 1996 - 1990, collaborating with French channels in the same period as a sports correspondent. • From October 1996 to 2003 Al Jazeera News, and from 2003 to 2014 Al Jazeera Sports. • From 2014 to the present day in Bein Media Group.

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