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Ali Haji

Al Jazeera Media Network

Studio Direction


He was one of the original pioneers and founders of Al Jazeera Channel prior to its launch in 1996. With over twenty years of extensive experience in electronic editing, he has been a cornerstone of the electronic editing unit within the operations department of Al Jazeera News Channel. Currently, he serves as an electronic editing supervisor at Al Jazeera. His responsibilities have also extended to live coverage in significant areas, including assignments at the Al Jazeera office in Morocco, coverage of the Asian Championship in 2006 for Al Jazeera Sports Channel (BE IN SPORT), and reporting from the Al Jazeera office in Washington during the 2016 American elections. In these roles, he has demonstrated resilience and capability to work under intense pressure


1. Sound Technician (1 year) 2. Broadcast Section Executive (2 years) 3. Electronic Editing Department Staff (27 years) 4. Proficient in configuring hardware settings (SET UP) for various electronic editing devices 5. Certified trainer endorsed by the Operations Department at Al Jazeera Network, providing training to newcomers interested in learning electronic editing techniques 6. Provided coverage of the U.S. elections at the Al Jazeera Washington office in 2016, working tirelessly under pressure around the clock.

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