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Imad Musa

Al Jazeera Media Network

New Media


• Managed all digital platforms for Aljazeera.com for 5 years, leading a team of journalists, technicians and designers from different cultures. • More than a decade of experience in production of live and recorded political talk shows in Europe, USA, Africa, Asia and the Arab World. • More than a decade of experience as a field producer across the Arab world and the USA.


• Manager of Online, Al Jazeera English (Doha), 2013-2018 • Senior Producer, “Q&A with Riz Khan,” Al Jazeera English (Washington, DC) 2006-2010 • Senior Producer, Al Hurra TV (Washington, DC) 2004-2005 • Producer, Al Jazeera Arabic (Washington, DC) 2002-2003 • Producer, Reuters TV (Jerusalem and Washington, DC) 1998-2001

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