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Ammar Mohamed


Audience Interaction in Digital Media


Mr. Ammar is a well know Consultant and Trainer in e-marketing. He has a Mass Communication and Public Relation MSc,besides a Bachelor Degree in Media and Arabic Language. Moreover, he obtained several certifications and licenses from renowned new media companies such as Facebook, Google, ect, he has a Digital Marketing Diploma from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and a Certified Trainer in social media strategies from the Social Media Institute – USA. M. Ammar presented various TV and radio programs on digital marketing and social media development in addition to his expertise and counseling in terms of media, PR, protocol ect.


Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and Public Relation, · Bachelor Degree in Media and Arabic Language, · Author of two books "Al Tawasol Thaky: Your Guidance to Success for Social communication" and “Kitab Dot Com” · Certified trainer from ILLAFTrain organization, · Diploma in E-Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland, · Diploma in TV journalism from Al Jazeera Media Institute, · Presented several open and public courses on Internet, · Member of Taghreedat Initiative to enrich the Arabic content on social Media, · Participated in various volunteering activities and social responsibilities. · Holds several media and social media related certifications and licenses.

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