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Faisal Al-Kasim

Al Jazeera Media Network

Tv Presentation, Meeting the Press


One of the founding members of Al Jazeera, Faisal Al-Kasim began his career over three and a half decades ago when he joined the BBC, preparing and presenting its most famous radio programs in 1989. He then transitioned to work with BBC TV before joining Al Jazeera, where he became widely known through his renowned program "The Opposite Direction." Dr. Faisal Al-Kasim excelled in television presentation and was selected by many international magazines as one of the most influential media figures in the world. He has won the Best Arab Journalist Award for many consecutive years.


1. With over 35 years of experience across various branches of journalism. 2. He has delivered lectures at numerous conferences and study centers worldwide. 3. His work includes numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines. 4. He authored a book titled "Skills for Dealing with Media," published by the Al Jazeera Media Institute. 5. He has shared the essence of his experience in several training courses at the Al Jazeera Media Institute, focusing on topics such as "Rules for Successful Media Appearance," "Introduction to Television Presentation," "Media Interaction Skills," and "Presentation Skills."



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