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Ramadan Elmousel


Public Relations


He is a media consultant and expert in building the mental image of institutions and individuals. His place is always in the backstage, where there are more opportunities to help others become stars and maintain this stardom in front of their audiences. He has ٢٥ years of experience that made him a constant source of inspiration for many Arab ministers and leaders. He helped governmental as well as non-governmental institutions build their mental image and manage their reputation. In addition, he contributed to designing media marketing strategies to advertise the success achieved in some charitable organizations and rehabilitate their staff for that purpose. He is good at putting the necessary frills and touches to build the leaders' image and maintain its splendor. His debut as a dramatist director and his academic education helped him develop the training process, giving it an enjoyable flavor that contributes in instilling the concepts and building the skills and personal guidance: Coaching life One to One Hence, he can be regarded as a "help icon" that you actually need to market your successes and build your image. Therefore, he has helped a large number of executive and political leaders to acquire the necessary life and media skills for their practical, social and political status, develop their abilities in confronting audiences and influential public discourse, deal with the media as leaders, establish special training methodologies, strategies in a number of organizations and ministries.


• Personal guidance counselor "coaching life" for some leaders and famous figures in the Arab world. • Media and public relations consultant and expert in the development of institutions and individuals. • Media and Public Relations Specialist accredited by Al Jazeera Media Institute (part of Al Jazeera Media Network - Qatar). • Media Advisor to the Egyptian Ministry of Youth (formerly) • Founder of the program "Charisma" for the rehabilitation of media leaders and image industry.

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