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Zineb Khoudraji




Zineb Khoudraji, an expert in the field of etiquette and protocol, founded the first etiquette center in the Maghreb and North Africa in 2011. Through her achievements in this field, she has contributed to introducing the Arab world to the field of etiquette. Zineb has collaborated with numerous international institutions and organizations to organize a series of training courses and programs. She has supervised the training of many important political figures, as well as academic stars and officials in both the private and public sectors.


1. Zineb Khoudraji graduated from the International Academy of Etiquette and Protocol in London. 2. Her training courses are based on extensive experience in the field of training and coaching. 3. She founded the first etiquette center in North Africa. 4. Zineb has contributed to the development of skills of many trainees through a variety of training courses offered at the Al Jazeera Media Institute, including courses on the Art of Etiquette, Etiquette for Children, Art of Speech and Etiquette, as well as Protocol and Etiquette courses.

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