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Abdelkader Damiche

Aljazeera Arabic Channel

Media Training, field journalist, sub-editor


Abdelkader Damiche works in Al Jazeera News channel as a supervisor for news correspondents . Damiche joined Algerian TV in 1987 and then he moved to Qatar TV in 1999. He then joined Abu Dhabi TV where he stayed for 4 years. Damiche joined Al Jazeera channel in 2004 where he provided news coverage and reporting from a great number of conflict ridden countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Irag, Egypt and Tunis. He produced a number of features from Tunisia and Portugal in addition to a documentary reportage in Rwanda. Since 2013, Abdelkader, joined Aljazeera Media Institute as a media trainer on “Skills of TV Reporting” and “Writing to Picture” . He also delivered many training courses for the Institute in Tunisia, Beirut Amman and Algeria.


• Bachelor in Political Science and Media. • More than 25 years in broadcast journalism. • News coverage and live reports from many countries.


Bachelor in Political Sceience and Media

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