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Abdullah Hamdan Al Mannai


Still photography


Photography has been a hobby ever since he was a child. The first camera he possessed was simple, but it was a real source of inspiration for him. From that early period, He worked on and on until he turned this hobby into a real professional competence in the field of photography.


• Taking affecting and exciting Snaps (sports, movements & practicing Portrait and landscape photography). • He got a certificate from Christies center in the filming of antiques and collectibles. He is a member of the American Society of Photography and the President of Qatar Photographic Art Center. He is also a member of the Emirates International Photography Association. • First place in the artistic photo category at the third Arab-European festival Hamburg - Germany. • First place in three categories of the competition of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage Photography 2006. •He got third place in the best sports photo organized by the International Olympic Committee, 2014.



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