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Ahmed Mansour

Aljazeera Arabic Channel

TV presentation


Mansour is an Egyptian TV presenter and writer, he began his career through approaching newspapers and magazines during secondary stage. Mansour practiced journalism when he was studying at university, and after he graduated in March he performed all forms of press and media as: a journalist, war reporter, preparing and presenting programmes, and daily columnist. He works as a presenter and a producer in Al Jazeera Channel for 18 years up to date. Ahmed published twenty-five books and some of them have been translated to other languages.


• He covered the war in Afghanistan between 1987 and 1990, the war in the Balkans (1995-1994) and the war in Iraq (2004-2003) • Chief Editor of “Al-Mujtamaa” magazine – Kuwait (1997-1990). • Executive program producer and presenter for Al Jazeera Channel since 1997 until now. • Principal Trainer at Al-Jazeera Media Institute since its foundation up to date. • Published 25 books including: “the story of the fall of Baghdad”, “Fallujah battle “-“Under fire barrage in Afghanistan”, “Under fire spray in Sarajevo”


Bachelor,Al Mansoora University،Egypt

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