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Mahmoud Abdelhady


Media Content Strategic Planning


Mr. Mohamad is a media guru; he has more than 30 years of experience in journalism. In fact, he held various positions; Reporter, Journalist, Editor in chief, programs and news Director, General Manager, Trainer and Consultant. He even helped in planning, establishing and developing many Media-related projects in the Arab world in addition to working closely with many international media organizations.


Below is a brief summary of his most prominent work positions in various fields: 1. Press • News Manager of Ashorooq TV, • Programs Manager of Ashorooq TV, • Programs supervisor of Al Jazeera channel, • Editor in chief for al Jazeera.net, • Editor in chief, journalist and reporter… 2. Strategic planning, establishment and management • Media consultant at Ashorooq Media Production Center in Kuwait, • Founder and Manager of Ashorooq TV in Dubai and Sudan, • Founder and Director of Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center, • Founder, Manager and editor in chief of Al Jazeera.net, • In charge of strategic plans for the content of a number of satellite channels. 3. Training Mr. Mohamed provided many training courses in media and communication fields, notably: • Planning and management of media institutions, • Strategic planning of media content, • Production of TV programs, • Successful media appearance skills, • Media skills for the official speaker, • PR skills, • Media management during crisis, • Mental image strategies, 4. Educational qualifications • PhD candidate in strategic planning for the media content, • M. Phil in literary criticism, • Master degree in Arabic literature, • Bachelor degree in Arabic literature. 5. Researches and Publications • Book of “Successful media appearances skills” ( Arabic) , • Research “ strategic planning of media content” (Arabic) , • Research “Thematic and geographical distribution of Al Jazeera's talk shows” (Arabic).



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