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Ahmed yousef Al Malki


TV presentation


He is a presenter and programmer for Qatar TV and media skills trainer for Al-Jazeera Media Institute and e-Learning for youth and children. He also trains youth on mass communication techniques and communication skills. In addition, he contributed to providing valuable workshops for children and youth with different entities. He is proficient in speaking and writing skills in addition to preparing TV and radio programs, as well as his contributions in presenting the various public events, celebrations and seminars since 2000 till date.


• Division Director, Quality Management & Editorial Standards, Al Jazeera Network (2012 - present) • News Planning Director & Head of Foreign Offices and Correspondents, Al Jazeera Arabic Channel (2012-2010). • Managing Editor of Al Jazeera Net website in Al-Jazeera Network (2010-2001). • Head of International Affairs Department in Al-Sharq Qatari newspaper (1999 to 2001).


Bachelor in Sharia

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