At Al Jazeera Media Institute, we aim to advance the Arab, regional and global media level, innovate new ways, and develop old experiences to enable trainees to develop their skills and improve their performance in the field of communication and media industry.

As a pioneering project in the region and in collaboration with international experts and institutions, we are working to remove the obstacles that our trainees face by combining the practical and theoretical aspects of our courses  making a special emphasis ( 80%) on the practice in order to put the trainee in a real work environment.

Since the launching of Al Jazeera Media Institute in 2004, we have organized hundreds of training courses in various media fields, benefiting thousands of trainees from all over the world.

Following our commitment to achieve excellence, we are developing the content of our training courses to keep up with the advances and novelties in the field of communication and its various disciplines. This is reflected positively on the trainees as well as the environment and the institutions in which they work.

The Institute Equipment

Al Jazeera Media Institute is designed to meet the highest professional standards, equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment used in various media fields in order to ensure a professional work environment.

The Institute encompasses three television studios, a radio studio, an editorial hall and a graphics unit. It also includes a venue that qualifies the Institute to receive large numbers of trainees at the same time and place, in addition to more than 20 advanced training rooms.


Al Jazeera Media Institute offers specialized courses in various aspects of the communication field. These courses vary depending on the beneficiaries’ level and needs.

Courses for juniors, courses for amateurs, Courses for PR employees of various enterprises, Courses for media professionals, in addition to in-depth courses for specialists.

The courses are supervised by prominent media professionals and experts, from all over the Arab region and the world, in a sophisticated environment that is equipped with the latest technologies used in the field of media.

In parallel, Al Jazeera Media Institute provides a digital training platform to enable those who cannot afford attending its training courses by offering them the opportunity to boost their media talents and benefit from the experiences of Al-Jazeera Media Institute.


In an attempt to offer its services and deliver its trainings, Al Jazeera Media Institute relies on a group of distinguished experts, media professionals and news anchors at the Arab and international levels in addition to prominent doctors and professors.

Our experience

Al Jazeera Media Institute is a knowledge platform that provides trainees with the long experience of Al Jazeera media network. This latter was launched in 1996 as the first independent news channel in the Arab world, to become a major media network with more than 10 channels, digital platforms and websites.

We offer this deep experience, in addition to collaborating with international experts in the form of high-level training courses in various media disciplines.