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Nalova Akua
Nalova Akua

Cameroonian multimedia journalist with a strong news and feature writing background covering conflict, human rights, health and the environment. Nalova holds a Bachelor's degree in journalism and has been featured in media outlets including BBC Future Planet, The Epoch Times, African Arguments, El País, and Euronews. Nalova has won several national and international awards including the Michael Elliott Award for Excellence in African Storytelling in 2022.

Writer’s Articles

Journalism in chains in Cameroon

Investigative journalists in Cameroon sometimes use treacherous means to navigate the numerous challenges that hamper the practice of their profession: the absence of the Freedom of Information Act, the criminalisation of press offenses, and the scare of the overly-broad anti-terrorism law.

Published on: 12 Apr, 2024
Cameroonian Media Martyrs: The Intersection of Journalism and Activism

Experts and journalists in Cameroon disagree on the relationship between journalism and activism: some say journalism is activism; others think they are worlds apart, while another category says a “very thin” line separate both

Published on: 28 Jan, 2024