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TV Studio Direction

TV  Studio Direction


Imad Bahjat


From: 01/12/2019 - 12/12/2019

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Technical Operation

12360QAR / 3387USD



- A university degree,
- A basic or advanced experience in TV
- A strong will to learn TV direction

Course Description

“We cannot talk about direction without talking about creativity and vision” Visual materials are produced by a team of creators including the editor, the cameraman, the scenarist, the lighting director etc. Every one of these has a clear and tangible role, except the Director who has no specific work but to combine all creations in order to embody his visual vision of the work at hand. The TV director monitors and manages the work at all stages. He is the one who must embodies his creativity whether he is specialized in live programs, entertainment, drama, news programs or even talk shows. This training course will focus on news and programs direction and will provide participants with new skills such as management, creativity and art . It will pave the way for the directors of the future.

Course Objective

At the end of this course, participants should:
- Understand the visual language and how to use it to serve the program content
- Be able to direct news programs and talk shows with a single camera or with multiple ones
- Know the available TV technologies and equipment used in the news and shows direction

Course Outline

• Theoretical and philosophical introduction
- History of the image’s advent
- The universal art schools and the image utilization techniques
- Technical terminology and its use

• Introduction to TV direction
- Principles and rules of TV direction
- Who is the director and what qualities does he/she require
- The members of the team working with the director in the studio
- How to deal with the news and programs production team

• Aesthetic and creativity concepts
- The concept of visual language
- The difference between the visual language and the spoken language
- Characteristics of the image and elements of the visual configuration
- Metaphors and symbols in the image

• Creativity and drama components
- Sizes and angles of shots
- The Camera movement
- Lighting in the studio
- Editing and pace
- The audio and the visual effects

• Direction techniques and mechanisms in the studio
- The importance of lighting in the studio in terms of drama and aesthetics
- The studio camera, its components and how to use it
- The vision and audio mixer
- TV studio directing with a single camera
- TV studio directing with multiple cameras
- How to prepare and execute the news bulletins
- How to prepare and execute programs

• Direction and execution stages of the TV programs or TV image
- Text or news reading
- How to transform a literary text into an executive text
- The main and the secondary characters in the artwork or in news
- The story board
- The pre-production phase
- Reconnaissance of the location (real, décor, virtual)
- The shooting (filming )
- The sound and types of sounds ( conversation, comment, music, sound effects, silence )
- Editing
- Graphics
- The Soundtrack
- Mixage

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Aljazeera Media Institute.