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Organizing Conferences & Events

Organizing Conferences & Events


From: 01/12/2019 - 05/12/2019

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Communication and Public Relations

6180QAR / 1694USD



- A university degree
- Some experience in conference and events’ organization

Course Description

"You may get the most interesting ideas, but you will need someone who can help you transform these ideas into tangible results. We cannot reach the summit unless we team up.” Walt Disney This quote confirms that organized teamwork is the only way to have a successful conference or event. In fact, such events are like a music composition which requires talented musicians, good instruments and most importantly a skilled maestro who is able to lead the orchestra with love, understanding, good organization and clear role assignment so that the lyric won’t be dissonant. This course will provide participants with an initiation in the organization of conferences and events successfully and professionally.

Course Objective

At the end of the course, participants should:
- Understand the basics of conference and events organization and its importance
- Perceive the characteristics of conference and events organization
- Be able to form the different conference committees and describe the role of each one of them
- Understand the different phases of conference and events organization from the idea to the evaluation
- Know how to organize a conference efficiently and professionally

Course Outline

• Pre-preparation
- The idea of organizing conferences
- The individual’s idea
- The motivation and desire of organizing an event
- Inspiration of previous conferences
• Your organization needs a coordinator
- Presenting the idea before the team members
- Getting the required support for the idea
- The objectives
- What do want to achieve?
- The conference president, the financial manager, the program manager, arranging accommodations, services, technical operations, public relations, webpage...etc
• Defining the conference theme:
- The type of conferences
- For whom the conference is intended
- Venue, date and duration of the conference
• Preparation:
- Sending invitations for requests
- Planning the Organizational tasks
- Executing the organizational tasks
- Evaluation of the performed organizational tasks
- Event’s schedule
• Execution:
- Showing the event’s venue to the delegates
- Preparing the arrival of delegates
- Meeting the delegations’ presidents
- Planning and preparing the event one day before its beginning
• End of the event:
- Departure of the delegates
- Relaxing
• Feedback:
- Participants’ feedback
- Personal feedback of the event
- Errors and gaffes
- Future plans
- Conclusion

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Aljazeera Media Institute.