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Customer Care

Customer Care


Munther Zeidan


From: 17/11/2019 - 21/11/2019

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Communication and Public Relations

6180QAR / 1694USD



- A degree in Media, Business Management or Marketing
- Limited experience in Public Relations

Course Description

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary” Sam Walton Customer service excellence is fundamentally based on the communication skills and capabilities of the staff in charge of the different aspects of customer service. The more effective the sales and marketing staff are in communicating with their customers, the more able they are in building strong communication channels with them and the more they become able to fulfill the customers’ needs, gain their trust and maintain it. The high level of customer service ensures the stability of the organization, enabling it to put future development and progress plans and to stake on survival and competition in a market in which no one can succeed without providing a “distinct customer service”.

Course Objective

At the end of this session, course participants should be able to
- Be able to provide a distinct service to customers according to the best scientific standards,
- Acquire the skills of building communication with customers to keep them and maintain their loyalty,
- Be able to increase the number of customers and open new markets

Course Outline

- Introducing the scientific concepts of customer service and how to take advantage of them on the field.
- Linking the concept of customer service to the total quality concept
- Prepare relevant customer service templates for all work phases that are relevant to the work nature
- Introducing the roles and tasks of all customer service staff

• Promoting the customers’ interest and loyalty
- Providing participants with modern methods and channels for building effective communication with the existing customers
- Introducing the skills of building new markets and attract new customers
- Consolidating the customers’ loyalty through exceptional service
- Establishing moral principles that exceed customers’ expectations.
- Using creative techniques for building/developing and maintain strong relationship with customers
- Focusing on the customer service process
- Determining the key customers’ issues,
- Using questions to guide customers for purchase decisions

• Focusing on the internal customer service :
- Analyzing the customers’ expectations within the organization
- Obtaining a clear image of the internal service relationships through work sites or centers,
- Implementing the highest standards of internal customer service
- Providing improved customer service within the organization to influence the external customer service
• Skills of incoming and outgoing telephone calls and personal contact:
- Observing small details that make profound difference in customer service,
- Enhancing trust through interaction with customer phone calls
- Captivating advantage of sales revenue and customer service opportunities
- Using the information gathering format and feedback to better understand and assess the customer needs
- Building human relationship to handle difficult customers
- Using outgoing calls to create positive attention
- Providing trainees with personal communication skills to help them provide distinct service to customers,

Course Benefits

graduation certificate accredited by Aljazeera Media Institute.