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Social Media Strategy for Organizations

Social Media Strategy for Organizations


Ammar Mohamed


From: 17/11/2019 - 19/11/2019

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Media Skills

4120QAR / 1129USD



• University degree in media or public relations
• Experience in marketing
• Familiarity with the skills to deal with the Internet

Course Description

Social Media has become the main network for interaction and communication with a variety of concerned parties including customers, employees, suppliers and competitors. This course is designed to provide participants with the principles of managing digital/social media and strategy and its impact on the individual and the organization. In addition to offering how to formulate a digital media strategy in order to build social relationships, whether they are based on the individual or the organization. This course provides a simple guide to master the basics of building an effective digital media strategy for various social media channels. This will require you to participate in social networks and blogs. Thus, participants will have experience in hands-on training on various forms of social media technology. They should also participate in classroom presentations, readings and studies discussions ... etc, which would shed light on the strategies and applications of these new effective platforms.

Course Objective

- The importance of creating a strategic plan for social networking sites.
- The Importance of measuring the impact of their organization on social media.
- Setting goals for their organization.
- How to choose the appropriate effective sites/channels for their organization.
- How to choose and test appropriate tools for their organization.
- How to build and strengthen dialogue with the public.
- How to measure the results on social media.
- How to achieve and develop the strategic plan.

Course Outline

This course offers an interactive training content which contains lectures, group discussions, exercises, self-assessment questionnaires, case studies, activities and learning based on videos. The program is designed to provide an integrated guide to build a network in social media or organizations.
Facts about the Course:

• Each unit is followed by a session to ask questions and share answers.
• A questionnaire and a survey will be provided at the end of each unit.
• All units include role-playing, discussions, collaborative activities, case studies and examinations

Program Contents:
• Break down barriers (problem solving, etc.)
• Introduction on the importance social media and its impact on business growth
• Statistics on individuals, companies or organizations that were created successfully by building a network in social media
Unit 1
• Why is it compulsory to have a strategic plan for social media?
• How do I measure the impact of my organization on social media?

Unit 2
• How do I set objectives for my organization?
• How do I choose the appropriate effective sites for my organization?

Unit 3
• How do I set a practical strategy for each social media site/channel?
• How do I choose the right tools for me and my organization?

Unit 4
• How do I perpetuate/enhance dialogue with the public?
• How do I measure results/outcomes?
• What do I need to realize the strategy and enhance it?

At the end of the Course:

Trainer will assess participants through theoretical or practical exam.

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate Aljazeera Media Institute.