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Lighting Art in Photography / Speedlight ( Evening )

Lighting Art in Photography / Speedlight ( Evening )


From: 13/12/2021 - 15/12/2021

Time: 16:00 - 21:00

Category: Photography and Creativity skills

5200QAR / 1425USD



• An academic qualification not less than high school and preferably university.
• The trainee owns (Speedlight 600EX-RT) and (soft box).

Course Description

“Photography is the art of painting with light.” The previous phrase suggests the importance of light in photography, as it is not just lighting things, but it also means visual and aesthetic formation, in order to create a visual art painting that overflows with its dramatic expressive power. However, to implement the above, many technical tools must be learned, in addition to technical knowledge in many equipment, especially the types of electric lamps, their characteristics and effects. This course is designed to teach the rules and concepts of lighting whether in the studio or outside.

Course Objective

• Understand the concept and methods of indoor and outdoor lighting.
• Lighting with speed light.
• Adaptation using artificial lighting with natural lighting.
• Realizing the dramatic, aesthetic and psychological dimensions of lighting.

Course Outline

• Lighting characteristics:
- Natural and artificial light sources and the difference between them.
- Types of lighting and its equipment.
- Types of basic filters and how to control color temperature.
- Optical reflectors and light source control.
• Using lighting as a source of information:
- Space: (Description of highlighting the place).
- Characteristics of time: (clock, seasons, weather).
- Atmosphere: (color temperature and the concept of hot and cold).
- Aesthetic: lighting and artistic composition of the image.
- The dramatic and psychological effect of lighting.
• Building Lighting:
- Direct and indirect lighting.
- Take advantage of the characteristics of the place while filming.
- Determining shooting locations and creating a balance in lighting.
- The concept of key light, diffuse and back light.
- Lighting relationship with decoration and background.
- Indoor and outdoor lighting.
- Safety and security precautions.

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate from Al Jazeera Media Institute.