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Young Presenter

Young Presenter


From: 08/08/2021 - 12/08/2021

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Youth Courses

3100QAR / 849USD



- Having the motivation and desire to learn the TV presentation
- Young people aged between 12-15 years
- Young people aged between 16-17 provided there are enough trainees from this age group.

Course Description

Celebrity, stardom and appearing daily on TV are real temptations for many people. But that is not the spirit of this work. TV Presentation is, indeed, a big responsibility as the visual appearance of the presenter (reporter or anchor) on the screen symbolizes the visual identity of the TV channel itself. In fact, the presenter is the visual connection between the channel and its viewers. So, he/she must gain their trust. This course is designed to give the younger generation an opportunity to identify the big challenges facing the TV presenter and figure out the responsibility placed on him/her.

Course Objective

At the end of this course, participants will:
- acquire the TV presentation skills
- Learn the basic technical knowledge TV presentation

Course Outline

* Introduction to TV work:
- The studio and the newsroom
- The relationship between the presenter and the editorial and technical staff
- The role of the TV presenter
* The newscaster qualities:
- attractiveness, presence and voice
- Serenity, profoundness and concentration
* The TV presentation skills
- The piece of news: its elements, source, types
- Writing headlines
- Accuracy and correctness of language
- Diction and voice concentration
- The dialogue know-how and the subject control
- Body language Control and emergency vigilance
- Dealing with the teleprompter/autocue and the earpieces, and getting to know the relationship with the director

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Aljazeera Media Institute.