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TV News Presentation ( Evening )

TV News Presentation ( Evening )


From: 21/08/2022 - 25/08/2022

Time: 16:00 - 21:00

Category: Audiovisual Journalism

8300QAR / 2274USD



• University degree in media.
• Good knowledge of politics.

Course Description

When a passion for politics and staying updated with its details is associated with the desire to contribute to its coverage through the small screen, the field becomes even more appealing to those aspiring to become political news presenters. The presenter’s task is to deliver this news to the audience and enhance public awareness of its details, backgrounds and attitudes through political interviews during the news bulletins or the live coverage of major events.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, participants will:
• Identify the fundamentals of television work.
• Develop news presenting skills.
• Prepare and effectively present news bulletins.
• Apply successful news presenting techniques.

Course Outline

• Introduction to TV work:
- Role of the TV Presenter (content, performance and appearance).
- Relationship between the presenter and the technical and editing teams.
- Dealing with the autocue and earpiece.

• News presenter skills:
- Language proficiency, expression, and body language control.
- Diction, voice control and pronunciation.
- Serenity, promptitude and concentration.
- Good management of an interview and subject control.

• News preparation and presentation:
- Writing titles, briefs and links.
- Interactive presentation of news briefs and bulletins.
- Information continuity and avoiding repetition.
- Conducting interviews successfully.

• Techniques for a successful news work:
- The paper, the looking direction and changing camera.
- Natural rhythm and good breathing.
- Talking to a fellow presenter in the studio.
- Improvisation and overcoming mistakes.

Course Benefits

• A graduation certificate by Aljazeera Media Institute.