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Storytelling - Multimedia ( Evening )

Storytelling - Multimedia ( Evening )


From: 07/08/2022 - 11/08/2022

Time: 16:00 - 21:00

Category: Digital Media

6200QAR / 1699USD



There are no prerequisites.

Course Description

The use of digital platforms has forced the production of content that suits their different audiences and their technical characteristics. With these platforms capturing the public's attention, the options for their use have expanded from the press to the commercial sectors, official agencies, NGOs, and even personal goals. With the development of communication technology and technical tools, there are well-established foundations in building and producing the story that need to be learned and understood in order to adapt it to suit the nature of digital platforms and their audience.

Course Objective

- Learn about digital journalism and its forms.
- The nature of changes in the world of journalism.
- Learn about digital video and its various forms.
- Getting to know the target audience.
- Choosing the idea of the digital story and determining the appropriate editing angle.
- Learn about the different digital platforms and the differences between them.
- Determine the appropriate digital platform for the various forms of digital stories.
- Learn the methods of writing texts for digital video, and the differences between the appropriate texts for each form.
- Practical exercises for writing texts for different digital videos.
- Identify sources of information and the process of searching for information.
- Identifying false news and its forms, and how to verify information.
- Artistic and creative production of the story.

Course Outline

- Definition of digital video and its various types and formats.
- How do I get to know the target audience?
- Choosing the right angle for the digital story and how to address it.
- How to write a suitable text for the digital story?
- The differences between the appropriate texts for each form of digital story.
- Using sources, searching for information and writing text.
- Use appropriate photos and videos, and appropriate sizes for multiple digital video formats.
- Use of helping technical tools (Facebook, tweets and posts, GIFs, animations, infographics, etc.).
- Digital platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube): the differences between them and the nature of the audience.
- Various art templates suitable for each platform.
- The appropriate times to publish stories on different platforms.
- Publishing strategies on social media and dealing with the public.

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate from Al Jazeera Media Institute.