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Meeting the Press ( Evening )

Meeting the Press ( Evening )


Sami Zeidan


From: 21/08/2022 - 25/08/2022

Time: 16:00 - 21:00

Category: Media Skills

8300QAR / 2274USD



• Desire or need to appear in the media for special reasons or for the needs and nature of work.

Course Description

Meeting the Press course aims to effectively convey information to serve the objective goals of various institutions, whether they are governmental or private, through television, radio, newspapers, the internet, conferences, or any media that allows access to a wide audience. This course is designed to help individuals and responsible parties become familiar with the foundations and principles of dealing with the media in real-world situations. It also provides participants with many skills related to understanding media tools and media in general.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, participants will:
• Identify media tools and channels.
• Handle interviews and press conferences effectively.
• Use techniques of dealing with media.

Course Outline

• Introduction to media and its working mechanisms:
- Types of media interviews.
- Methods of preparing and organizing press conferences.
- Media channels.

• Press interviews and how to deal with them:
- Press conferences.
- Art of dealing with interviews.

• Dealing with media techniques:
- Design and develop a media message.
- Ways to defend the situation.
- Dealing in multi-guest interviews.

Course Benefits

• A graduation certificate by Aljazeera Media Institute.