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Digital Platform Marketing

Digital Platform Marketing


Ammar Mohamed


From: 02/08/2022 - 04/08/2022

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: The Art of Communication

4200QAR / 1151USD



• University degree.
• Basic knowledge in computer and Internet use.
• Some experience in marketing or public relations.

Course Description

This course introduces the basics of advertising marketing across digital marketing and social media platforms by presenting the most prominent types of digital ads and how to choose the appropriate content and target audience, in addition to determining estimated budgets for better spread. This course meets all the needs of trainees through several sites such as ads on search engines and mobile applications As well as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, the course provides practical applications of the most prominent skills needed to market digital platforms through several practical applications that permeate the course.

Course Objective

• Know the digital platform marketing and the main differences with digital marketing.
• Know the most important points that affect the importance of ads in digital platforms.
• Avoid the mistakes made when marketing on social media.
• Know the most important strategies to implement for a successful social media.
• Evaluate marketing campaigns and know their strengths and weaknesses.

Course Outline

• An Introduction to Digital Marketing and Social Media:
- Introduction to Digital Marketing.
- How to understand digital marketing.
- Types of digital marketing channels.
- Types of digital marketing platforms.
- Difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing.
- Introduction to social media.
- Planning marketing campaigns on social media.
- Methods of planning marketing campaigns and choosing objectives and strategies.
- The target audience.
- The art of choosing content.
- Methods for channels selection.
- Measurement indicators.
• Methods of advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube:
- Facebook and Instagram ads.
- Methods of selecting and setting goals.
- Knowing the target audience.
- Samples of ads and estimated budget.
- Types of advertising.
- Ad measurements.
- Conditions of advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.
- YouTube ads.
- Types of advertising.
- Target audience, budget and measurement.
• The art of advertising on Twitter, LinkedIn and reporting:
- Twitter ads.
- Setting goals.
- Knowing the target audience.
- Methods of budgeting and measurement.
- LinkedIn Ads.
- Types of advertising.
- Target audience, budget and measurement.
- How do we write a paid marketing campaign report and evaluate the results?
- Provide examples and success stories within the course contents.

Course Benefits

• A graduation certificate by Al Jazeera Media Institute.