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Script Writing for Digital Platforms Workshop ( Evening )

Script Writing for Digital Platforms Workshop ( Evening )


Yousra El Asri


From: 09/04/2023 - 09/04/2023

Time: 21:00 - 23:59

Category: Training Workshops

300QAR / 82USD



There are no prerequisites.

Course Description

With the spread of digital video and its impact on different segments of the audience of social networking sites, it has become necessary for institutions and individuals to adapt writing methods to suit this type of video and understand the nature of digital videos on their different platforms, so this workshop is an introduction to writing scripts for digital video, and understanding the differences between texts for multiple digital video formats.

Course Objective

- Know the digital video and its forms.
- Identify the nature of digital texts and their differences from the television style.
- View different models of digital video script.
- Explain the stages of writing a digital video, starting from the idea to finding the final form.
- Identify sources of information and avoid false news.

Course Outline

- Digital video and its types.
- Multiple artistic templates for digital video.
- Where do I start the script?
- Find information in the news pile.
- Avoid fake news.
- Different writing techniques for multiple digital videos.

Course Benefits

A participation certificate from Al Jazeera Media Institute.