Media Consulting

The world of media is going through a series of major changes accelerated by the digital transformations and the revolution of the social media. Technology is becoming more accessible than ever, making the barriers for creating media outlets lower by the days.  This revolution is creating a crowded environment in which only the best can survive. In such a world, delaying the response to such changes could raise bigger challenges.  Al Jazeera became aware of this transformation well before the rest of the world started to notice, and we can help our clients overcome their challenges.


Our Experts

Our services are provided by a team of Al Jazeera’s world-renowned journalists and experts who contributed immensely to the success of the Network. We work closely with the client’s team to understand their challenges and aspirations in order to deliver solutions that bring about the desired changes and achieve the strategic goals.


Work Methodology

Al Jazeera offers its strategic process of “Discovery, Innovation, Launch” at the varying stages of the existence of the client institution and according to the challenges and opportunities in which it operates. This methodology was tried and tested with several projects implemented in the last 20 years by Al Jazeera Network to create its own world-renowned brand-name and to help several international clients to enjoy similar success. In the Discovery stage our experts spend time in observing collecting data about the work environment, workflows and the team interactions. Then, during the Innovation stage the experts interact with the team to incite their ideas, inspiration and imagination about the future of their institution. The last stage consists of Launching the changes that lead to the desired outcomes.


Our Services

At Al Jazeera, our media consulting services can help create new media outlets and develop existing institutions to create their vision and build their strategic plan to achieve their goals. Some of our services include:


Training Needs Analysis

 Prior to training the staff, we perform a discovery visit to the workplace to observe the working patterns and study the needs of the journalists and the management team of the client media organization. This is done through a series of meetings and interviews followed by a comprehensive evaluation process to determine the gaps between the aspiration and reality. According to the result of this effort, several options could be applied to fill these. This includes organizational changes (via hiring or restructuring), providing specialized training or providing technical shadowing where our experts give direct hands-on support and guidance to the client team while they are performing their daily tasks.


The Digital Transformation

Whether in video editing, digital photography or mobile phone reporting, Al Jazeera can offer a wide range of training courses that enhance the skills of media workers and keep them up-to-date with the fast-paced media technology. Al Jazeera experts are award-winning practitioners in digital media who contributed immensely to the success of Al Jazeera in the last ten years and could help media institutions to connect with the digital media movement.


Newsrooms Modernization

Al Jazeera experts have supervised several projects that aimed to modernize the newsrooms within existing TV channels by reviewing the workflows, applying best practices in news coverage, and providing journalists and producers the necessary skill to reach and maintain the highest quality in news reporting. The development process includes all other services such as creativity, production and operations, that support the newsroom performance and contribute to the improvement of the viewer experience.


Launching TV channels

Over the last 20 years, Al Jazeera has established 8 satellite news tv channels as well as several other channels specialized in sport and children entertainment. Al Jazeera Media Institute packaged this experience to offer the best possible solutions its clients in the various stages of their media projects. The Institute also has the necessary expertise to makes full use of new media and new technologies to reduce the cost and to put the new channel in an advanced place in the broadcasting industry.


Launching radio stations

With the increase of the internet speed and the growth in the use of smart phones, the options to reach an audience are endless. If you have an ambitious plan to set up a radio station the Institute can help. With our radio project experts, we can materialize what the client envisages from their radio station in terms of identity, vision, the purpose and target audience within the lowest possible cost that guaranties the success of their investment.