AJMI holds a new training webinar

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AJMI holds a new training webinar

AJMI - Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute's e-learning platform, Tuesday, March 24th, launched a new interactive workshop entitled "Discover your voice skills, make your voice heard", via the application "Zoom", and in a live broadcast on the Facebook pages of the platform and the Institute.

This workshop is presented by trainer Fadi Matar; and addressed to radio and television presenters, media professionals and anyone who wants to discover and develop their voice skills.The workshop was divided into two parts: the first part is theoretical, in which participants learned about the concept of beautiful voice and its components, sound and breathing from the diaphragm.

The second part is practical, through which the trainer presents practical exercises - in the form of news texts - delivered by the trainees directly through the application "Zoom"; and the trainer provides his feedback about their performance and the layers of their voices and the way they divide the texts.Al Jazeera Media Institute coursed producer, Bilal Benobaid said that the 'Documentary Filmmaking webinar' launched by the e-learning platform last week has seen a great interaction from participants, whether through the "Zoom" app or social media followers.

Benobaid pointed out that the number of registered trainees on the e-learning platform has so far exceeded 70,000. He pointed out that the platform will launch in the forthcoming days a new electronic course entitled "Media Management of Crises", which presents experiences of successful media management of various crises, and examples of the different ways of a number of international institutions and organizations in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.​