AJMI launches AI content production course

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AJMI launches AI content production course


AJMI - Doha

This month, Aljazeera Media Institute is going to launch a specialized course on using artificial intelligence in the field of journalism, particularly content production from 19 to 21 February.

The course title is " Artificial Intelligence for content production" and it seeks to enable participants to explore possibilities and applications of artificial intelligence in the process of editing and producing digital content in innovative ways. It’s a type of course that enables journalists and editors to learn about the latest technologies and tools used in the field of artificial intelligence, in order to enhancing their skills and abilities to keep pace with the rapid digital transformation and likewise to understand related ethical challenges.

It is also an opportunity for those interested in journalism and digital media to learn how to use artificial intelligence in editing and producing content, and to provide them with necessary skills they need to use artificial intelligence tools in the production of content in its various forms and types, in addition to identifying ethical challenges and risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence.

The main themes of the course include a comprehensive introduction to artificial intelligence and learning about available tools for content production using smart technologies, with a focus on the risks and challenges related to this type of technology.

The launch of such courses at Aljazeera Media Institute comes to enhance interaction between journalism and technology, which contributes to quality development and improvement of production and innovation in the field of digital media, in addition to being one of the necessary steps towards updating and developing the necessary skills for professionals in this field.