Al Andalus Elementary School on a Field Visit to the Institute

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Al Andalus Elementary School on a Field Visit to the Institute


AJMI - Doha

Based on the commitment of the Institute toward its social responsibility and its role in promoting public awareness on importance of media and its true mission, it hosted on Tuesday January 23, a student delegation from Al Andalus Elementary School for Boys.

Students were introduced to the Institute's experience in the field of training and skill development, in addition to attending a special class led by Dr. May Shiginobu, of Media Initiatives Department at the Institute, where she shed light on the profession of written journalism, how to obtain news, identifying news sources, criteria for objective press news, and moreover importance of considering factors of accuracy and credibility.

Students toured the institute's facilities such as television studio where they meet with colleague Ahmed Al-Qadi who introduced them to the automatic reader device (Auto cue) and its importance for news presenters and explained to them how to deal with errors and technical problems that occur during reading news bulletin. Al-Qadi also briefed students on importance of using light and other necessary techniques to obtain a professional image on screen.

Students praised the visit, where student Anas Nazir said that the visit was very enjoyable, as this is my first visit to a real television studio, adding: “TV work is fun but it really requires mastering so many skills at the same time”.