Al Jazeera Journalism Review in 2023

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Al Jazeera Journalism Review in 2023

غلاف أحد أعداد عام 2023


AJMI - Doha

During 2023, Al Jazeera Journalism Review of Aljazeera Media Institute issued four quarterly issues, as a part of its continuous endeavor to enrich Arab media content and igniting debate about journalism profession and its future, covering vital topics such as: free journalists, the value of journalism in digital age, sports journalism, and finally an issue dedicated to topics and issues of the Forum of Journalism Colleges.

The magazine was keen to keep abreast with the current events at the international level, especially issues related to the situation of journalists and honest journalism in Gaza war, where the magazine established a special page to monitor unprofessional press coverage during the war, where the page collected war news, publications, articles and videos published by press institutions that involves misleading, bias or violation of the professional rules of journalism and professional codes of honor and disclosed that on magazine's digital platforms.

Accordingly, the page succeeded in providing extensive coverage of this war through articles, videos and various forms of media content on all digital platforms, including publication of 22 articles in pursuit of international press in addition to more than ten articles in English.

As for the ongoing work of the magazine on its both Arabic and English versions, 189 articles were published last year, according to the magazine's supervisor and journalist Mohamed Ahdad.

He added that the number of users of the site reached 176 thousand users, pointing out that the magazine's website showed an increase in number of visits as it achieved a total of 250 thousand visits.

In a related context, the magazine has created a window last year on Tiktok, and in less than two months it reaped more than 628,000 views, while the number of followers on digital platforms of the magazine reached nearly 278,000 followers.

It noteworthy that Press Magazine is a quarterly printed magazine published every three months throughout the year, while daily publishing continues on digital platforms, and it represents a space that helps to know and interact with the public's opinions.

The magazine aims to provide a public journalistic space on which journalists can express their ideas about journalism and its challenges, especially in the Arab world, and exchange their experiences and expertise. Its goals also extend to include developing journalistic narrative by avoiding linguistic essays that place opinion above data, and encourages writing enhanced by research, reinforced by information and case studies that lead to raising the quality of content and enhancing journalistic practices.