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AJMI - Doha

Aljazeera Media Institute concluded a Digital Media Diploma on Sunday morning, March 10th. for 15 trainees, given that it is the first diploma of its kind to be held for public.

The ceremony was attended by Hamad Al-Houl, manager of Planning and Projects Department at the Institute, and a number of diploma trainers namely Mohammed Al-Najjar, Yusra Al-Asri, Hind Tuwaisat, and Hassan Khudari.

Addressing trainees, Mr. Hamad Al-Houl, manager of Planning and Projects Department, firstly he congratulated diploma trainees for graduation stressing that this diploma will equip them with the necessary professionalism and knowledge they need to enter media market.

Al-Yasar Jalal who delivered the word of trainees said: "We added today a new chapter to our career by completing 90 training hours in which we acquired new knowledge and science that we benefited from. She also praised trainers of the diploma who did their best to provide us with information and knowledge that we need in the world of digital media. And finally, she thanks the Institute for efforts and facilities it provided for trainees during this period.


The diploma, which started on 17/February, covered many areas such as, digital media strategy, tools for preparing digital strategies for individuals and institutions, how to prepare strategies for digital media institutions, in addition to a general look on journalism of communication platforms, such as types of platforms, platform audience analysis and platform geographical distribution.

It also covered fields of planning and building smart correspondent networks, which includes content strategy preparation, how to plan news and project it to digital media reality, journalistic editing templates for digital content and finally highlighting the importance of monitoring and verifying information and news from open sources on the Internet.