Eman Al Amer: AJMI is going to announce its annual course schedule in the coming few weeks

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Eman Al Amer: AJMI is going to announce its annual course schedule in the coming few weeks

AJMI - Doha

Eman Al Ameri, Director of Al Jazeera Media Institute, explained in an exclusive interview with the Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq that the Institute will announce to public its annual course program in the coming few weeks. The schedule includes a number of new courses organized by the Institute for the first time, and due to the Institute’s priority during the coming period to keep pace with the current development of journalism it creates new training courses addressing topics related to modernizing content production to match the current development in digital media platforms and use of artificial intelligence in newsrooms.

She noted that: "This focus, of course, will not affect our interest in the values and ethics of journalism profession, nor will reduce our interest in developing skills of journalists in editing, production, investigative journalism, documentary filmmaking, and other important media fields and disciplines and for sure it will have the due care and attention in developing capabilities and skills in such areas."

She added: "One of our priorities is also to continue working on developing skills of Al Jazeera Media Network staff in its various channels and Aljazeera staff in foreign offices as well, in addition to transferring its pioneering experience to those who are interested at the Arab region and regional levels. Also we are going to launch a number of media forums and conferences to lead the debate on thorny issues in journalism professions."

She pointed out that as part of Aljazeera Ambassadors initiative and Media for Development initiative, the institute supervised training of 14,000 male and female trainees, through nearly 500 free of charge training courses in various media disciplines.

As to e-learning platform, she said: More than two hundred thousand trainees from different parts of the world benefited from  training courses given on this platform, and to support  this great role of the platform, we launched the English version of the site, and worked on developing the e-learning platform to be able to accommodate large number of trainees at the same time. Given that the new site is now ready and we will be launched shortly.

She stressed that the Institute focuses on transferring Al Jazeera's pioneering experience in the fields of multi-journalism to journalists in different regions of the world, and at the same time it is working with leading media schools at the global level, and has partnerships with prestigious institutions, such as: The Thompson Foundation of Britain, Academy of France, Avid and Adobe, and academic institutions such as: Film Institute in Stuttgart - Germany, and the New York Film Institute in the United States. And at the Arab level, the Institute is supported by a group of experienced and qualified Arab trainers in various fields.