New programs of the Institute: " An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"

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New programs of the Institute: " An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"


AJMI - Doha
"Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" is one of the workshops that Aljazeera Media Institute has introduced to the list of its training programs this year which requires basic knowledge in digital field.

This workshop is scheduled to start on 18/February with the aim to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence and its basic principles through a combination of theory, practical training and interactive exercises. Accordingly, workshop participants are promised to acquire necessary knowledge and insights that will enable them to navigate the world of artificial intelligence effectively, as well as exploring applications of artificial intelligence technologies used in media, and ability to evaluate performance of artificial intelligence systems, as well.

The workshop will focus on importance of various systems of artificial intelligence and its latest advancement in the field of research and development. The workshop will also deal with artificial intelligence techniques and applications through spontaneous learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and through neural networks structure in addition to commonly used applications in media and communications.

The workshop will also address the issue of "AI Performance Assessment" through reviewing metrics to evaluate AI performance and identify its potential social and economic impact.

It is noteworthy that the Institute has introduced this year a rich blend of specialized training workshops such as “press release writing workshop”, “press conference preparation workshop” and “digital identity workshop”.