Nostalgia for a Supercomputer


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Nostalgia for a Supercomputer

“Yes, the world’s changed a lot. The phone I have in my pocket now can do more than the supercomputer I worked on in the seventies. That one took up a whole floor. We’d have needed two trailers worth of storage units to store as much as this USB drive my son gave me.” So says Stepan Valerevich Kalashnikov, a former Soviet computer engineer who now supervises the physics lab at Tver Technical University. He tells us his story whenever he comes in for a cappuccino at this cafe near the university. While he never seems to get bored, what keeps us interested is his obvious nostalgia for those bygone days and his great love for the work he used to do. For this reason – and to pay tribute to those happy years – I decided to take this photo using an old analogue camera.

Mohammad Monther Momani

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