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When you enter the Trans-Siberian, you first see many pairs of legs. If it is summer, a strong human smell emanates from the third class. Welcome to this famous train. Since 1916, it has connected Moscow to Vladivostok: 9288kms in 6 days. Thinking about these numbers before the departure can give you a feeling of vertigo. People with claustrophobia who fear proximity to people should choose to fly. Forget also the landscapes, they are almost the same during the entire journey. To break this monotony, everyone has his or her little trick. Crossword puzzles and books are the most popular. Young people prefer their smart phones until their battery gives up. Then, the book reigns again. As time goes by, the travelers become a family. Naturally, food is offered, and cups of tea are served. From Europe to Asia, people share the same life in this compartment. That is probably why this train is legendary.

Arthur Thouret

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