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Salem Hussain Al Jahwashy

Al Jazeera Media Network

Dubbing & Voice Over


Salem Al Jahwashy is one of the pioneers in the field of dubbing and voiceover in the Arab world. He has presented numerous children's series and Al Jazeera documentary programs, becoming a certified voice for Al Jazeera. He began his training career in the 1980s and became the chief trainer of vocal skills at the Arab Board. He was granted the International Training License from the European Institute for Training and Development.


1. Salem Al Jahwashy relies on deep experience in the field of vocal performance, having worked in several institutions, including Aden Radio and Hadramawt Radio. 2. He served as the Director General of the Department of Theaters in the Republic of Yemen. 3. He is one of the founders of the art of audio dubbing at the Public Establishment for Co-Production in the State of Kuwait. 4. He is currently a dubbing director at Al Jazeera Satellite Channel. 5. He is an actor and theater director, and worked as a theater supervisor at Doha Youth Center from 1996 to 2010.


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