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Abdullah Jawdat


Media Corporation Planning and Management


- Media expert and strategic advisor. - Managing Director and General Supervisor of Media Masters Pro Corporation, which provides advisory services and media program development and management, media training and executive production of television programs and radio programs and social media platforms. - Founding member of ‘Al Ressala’ channel, and the Deputy Director General and Chief Executive Officer since April ٢٠٠٧ until November ٢٠١٣. - Providing professional advisory services to a number of media organizations and satellite channels in Britain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt and North African countries. - A certified instructor in the field of strategic planning, planning and management of media institutions, the establishment of satellite television program planning, management and production of television programs, administrative and financial institutional media work.


- Associate consultant in the construction and development Arcony Inc., a global company based in Istanbul, provides services and technology products and solutions, social networks and digital media, its basic products are "field" and "Diwan". - ‘Al Ressala’ channel since its inception until November ٢٠١٣. - Member of the Jury of Sharjah Prize for government communication, the United Arab Emirates of Sharjah, December ٢٠١٣. - Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Forum of fifth visual aimed media held under the title "Development of marketing aimed at the media," Cairo, Egypt in May ٢٠١٣. - Chairman of the jury for the main competition at the fourth international documentary film festival in the city of Khribga, Morocco in August to September ٢٠١٢. - Member of the Board of Directors in the visual media and purposeful Association of Istanbul, which was launched in April ٢٠١٢, and includes more than one hundred Arab channel and international media organization. - Lecturer and keynote speaker and pursuer in many forums and conferences, Arab and regional forums. - The founder of Specturm company for art production offered an exclusive set of documentary programs which won regional and global



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