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Abdelkader Aiad

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A prominent figure in Al Jazeera's media landscape since joining in January 2001, Abdelkader Aiad has served as a news anchor, presenter for numerous programs, and field correspondent covering various events for the network. Combining television presentation with on-the-ground reporting, Abdelkader has produced reports that have left a lasting impact on Al Jazeera's history. Notably, his coverage of the famine in Niger in 2005 marked a significant milestone and turning point in his career. This coverage earned him the Silver Award at the Al Jazeera Documentary Festival. Abdelkader Aiad has been an integral part of Al Jazeera's success in covering major global events, both political and humanitarian. As a trainer, he has an illustrious history with the Al Jazeera Media Institute, offering sought-after courses such as TV presentation, talk show presentations, and media skills training, both at the Institute and in other countries.


1. In 1994, he began his career as a presenter at Algerian radio. 2. He worked as a field correspondent for Algerian television until 1997. 3. He distinguished himself in his coverage of the siege of Fallujah in Iraq in 2004. 4. His coverage of the sacred occasion of Hajj in 2008 garnered high viewership rates on Al Jazeera screens. 5. He has hosted many of Al Jazeera's most renowned programs, starting with "Between the Lines," "Sharia and Life," "More than One Opinion," "The Opposite Direction," and "Without Limits," leading up to his current program: "Beyond the News." 6. He has conducted numerous private meetings with prominent and influential individuals, perhaps most notably his dialogue with the Taliban Foreign Minister shortly before the events of September 11, 2001.


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