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Muwafaq Faeq Tawfiq

Aljazeera media network

Simultaneous Translation


Mawafak Faik Tawfik was born in Iraq, Diyala province. He moved to the United Kingdom in the seventies, where he spent most of his life studying, learning and working in the field of translation, journalism and teaching in the university. Mawafk is married and father of 3 children, a girl and two young men. In summer 2000, he moved to the State of Qatar, where he joined Al Jazeera in the beginning as journalist, and then a full time interpret. Mawafak was the first interpret in Al Jazeera, further, he became the head of translation before closing of the section. Tawfik is best known for his voice in the coverage of important events such as the second Intifada, invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq colonization, Lebanon and Gaza wars and others. His translation and his voice became a hallmark of Al Jazeera in the Arab and Islamic world and often known as the “Voice of Al Jazeera.”


Decades of experience in the interpretation, training and program development and contributer to the specialized scientific conferences.

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