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Train Consultants

Train Consultants


Abdullah Jawdat


From: 10/11/2019 - 14/11/2019

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Management and Leadership Skills

6180QAR / 1694USD



- University qualification preferably in administration, economics or engineering.
- At least three years of experience in a leadership position.
- A desire and willingness to persevere, challenge and innovate.

Course Description

• Do you aspire to become a consultant and be able to analyze projects, develop plans and rationalize their process? • Do you want to master the different tools that will enable you to understand the institutions’ issues and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses? • Do you like to develop the basic skills required to suggest the most suitable solutions for projects and then put them into practice? • Are you seeking to acquire the ability to develop strategic business plans for projects and examine their feasibility to ensure their success and convince financiers to invest in them? • Are you curious to know the most important international companies in the field of consulting and access their methodologies, samples and advisory tools? • Would you like to refine your expertise in building consultancy offers, selecting appropriate consulting teams and setting the required budgets? This course offers novice experts and trainers the keys to success and excellence in the world of consulting, develop their skills and provide them with tools that enable them to analyze the strategic planning of projects as well as their target audiences.

Course Objective

By the end of the course, participants should:
- Achieve a comprehensive understanding of the nature and types of consultancy work.
- Grasp the basic areas of consulting and detailed knowledge of the stages and steps.
- Identify the most important aspects and ethics that characterize the counselor.
- Develop diagnostic skills for projects and tools.
- Understand the ways and means of analyzing the external environment surrounding the project.
- Identify strategic planning models and suitability for different projects.
- Identify and implement strategic communication plans.
- Practice writing a "Business plan" or work plan for different projects.
- Be aware of modern administrative tools and means to improve the efficiency of performance in institutions.

Course Outline

• Introduction:
- The concept and nature of consultancy work.
- Different types of consultations, and their fields.
- The most prominent features, qualifications and skills of the consultant.
- What clients are most interested in.
- The difference between the internal consultant and the external consultant.
• Preparing the consultative process:
- Identifying the customers’ needs.
- Data collection, research & investigation and preliminary analysis.
- Setting initial terms of reference.
- Communicating with Key Stakeholders.
- Initial presentation and scope of work agreement.
• Preparing the technical and financial presentation
- Basic contents of the presentation.
- Determining of the methodology and gains of the work.
- Selection of the core experts’ team.
- Development of the work program and timetable.
- Determining the consultation cost (according to different pricing methods and methodologies).
• The Consultant’s key roles:
- Design, distribute, obtain and analyze the questionnaires.
- Communicating and meetings with the customers and teams at different management levels.
- Strategic analysis of projects and units (PESTL analysis, Porter forces, TOWS matrix, etc.).
- Ways and means to conduct multi-level diagnosis of the institutions and prospect projects (7S, GE Matrix, Growth and Share Matrix, Ansoff Matrix, etc.).
- Developing business plans.
• Post-implementation:
- Managing change and developing transformation plans.
- Writing the final report and official delivery.
- Post-sale services.
- Evaluating the consultancy to accumulate experience.
- Maximizing return on consultancy investment.
Course Methodology:
- An interactive theoretical material to explain the key principles of the target.
- Practical training in terms of the application of theoretical materials
- Case study and analysis to consolidate the concepts and the master the required tools.
- A personal project for each participant to evaluate his/her grasp

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Aljazeera Media Institute.