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Understanding Personality Styles ( Online )

Understanding Personality Styles ( Online )


From: 13/12/2022 - 15/12/2022

Time: 13:00 - 16:00

Category: Online Courses

730QAR / 200USD



• High school diploma or university degree from any discipline.
• - Professional experience, regardless of the nature of the work.

Course Description

Many people and institutions waste their energies devoted to production in personal disputes as a result of differences, and this has been magnified by the entry of modern smart means of communication that hide more than they appear.
Your confirmed knowledge of your personality pattern and the expansion of your knowledge to be able to identify the personality pattern of those you deal with in order to communicate with them professionally, is a decisive factor in stopping this waste of personal and organizational productivity and thus achieving the strategic goals of the individual and the organization as planned.

Course Objective

• Introducing trainees to the basics of communication skills.
• Advanced communication skills by reading and deducing the four different human types with their ways of thinking, feelings, fears and behaviors.
• Reducing disputes and increasing the effectiveness of the relationship and achieving its desired goals, whether relationships within or outside the scope of work.

Course Outline

• The concept of communication in relationships and the reasons for its failure.
• The roles of the effective communication process.
• How do emotions spoil communication?
• The WIIFM meeting point.
• Shared symbols.
• Receiving errors.
• Choose the method of communication.
• The circles of speaking, listening and interaction between them.
• The four types of personality.
• Pure personal styles.
• Interlocking personal styles.
• How different styles can adapt together when you live together in forced relationships.

Course Benefits

• An electronic graduation certificate by Aljazeera Media Institute.