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Written Translation

Written Translation


From: 24/09/2023 - 28/09/2023

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Media Skills

6200QAR / 1699USD



• University degree, preferably in the English language.
• Mastering the English and the Arabic languages.
• At least one year experience in translation.

Course Description

Editorial translation plays a significant role in various fields in today's world, just as it did in the past. Historical sources have demonstrated that translation, as an ancient practice, has long served as a means of cultural and civilizational communication between nations and different cultures. However, the study of translation has evolved and become an academic discipline in its own right across various fields of knowledge.
Therefore, offering courses in translation is of utmost importance in preparing a generation of qualified Arab translators to engage in written translation as either an independent profession or as part of their responsibilities in other professions.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, participants will:
• Enhance critical thinking and translation skills.
• Discuss the fundamentals and theories of written translation.

Course Outline

• Translator and the translation:
- Translation: word for word or meaning for meaning.
- Translation as both meaning and format.
- Importance of analysis, critical thinking, judgment, and logic.
- Linguistic and non-linguistic difficulties that hinder translation.

• Introduction to written translation:
- Early discourse among Arabs, Muslims, Chinese and Westerners.
- "Holmes"/"Toury" map and the developments in the field.
- Fundamental translation theories.
- Trust, treason, spirit of text and translation.
- Textual terms and conditions.

Course Benefits

• A graduation certificate by Aljazeera Media Institute.